Upsala-Ekeby Art Deco Stoneware Table Lamp by Anna-Lisa Thomson. 1930s.

Upsala-Ekeby Rare Art deco Ceramic Table Lamp. Green, textured horizontal lines on the lamp base. Model 3037, this model was produced 1936-1938 by Anna-Lisa Thomson for Upsala Ekeby.  Thomsons pieces are known for strongly textured surfaces combined with subtle use of glazes. 

Great vintage condition with new wiring and lampholder.

Shade is sold separately.

Height lamp base including socket 27 cm / 10.6"
Height for lamp base + shade: 42 cm / 16.5"
Diameter of lamp base (where widest): 22 cm / 40.7"

Anna-Lisa Thomson received her education at the Technical School in Stockholm from 1924 to 1928. In the mid 1930s she came to Upsala-Ekeby and was part of changing the company's ceramic direction. Thomson's ornamental goods and crockery received several international awards, including Paris in 1937 and New York in 1939.

Anna-Lisa Thomson was also a talented painter and her work was naive, nature-inspired and colorful. She suffered from cancer and died at 46 years of age. The Swedish book of poetry "Eko av dagens ljusa klang" includes Anna-Lisa Thomson illustrations and was published posthumously in 1953.


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