Murano Chandelier Tubular FLAT - XXL

Murano Glass Chandelier with Tubular Glass Prisms.
Contemporary Chandelier in Traditional Italian Mid-Century Style, produced during the 21th Century. The chandelier is composed of 103 Transparent Crystal Elements in the size of 25 x7 cm (9.9" x 2.8"). The chandelier is available with glass prisms in six different colors, clear, pink, white, ice blue, smoked grey and in honey color, you can mix and match the colored prisms the way you prefer. This chandelier has half of the prisms in pink glass and half of the prisms in clear glass.

New wiring. EU, UK and US re-wiring is complimentary. 

8 Light sources (E27). 

Total weight for the chandelier is 60 kg.

The chandelier on the pictures is 80 cm, from ceiling to bottom of the glass prisms.

As the chain is adjustable the height of the chandelier can be modified [complimentary] between 52-200 cm. 

Original total height (if no customization is requested) for the chandelier including adjustable chain is 140 cm / 55.1"
Total height for the glass part of the chandelier: 38 cm / 15"
Diameter where the chandelier is widest is: 84 cm / 33.1"

4 250 USD