How-to Mount the Lamp Base

Picture 1-2:
As the Lamp Base is really Bulky - and would be expensive to ship mounted - it arrives in Parts..

Picture 3:
The base is mounted with the largest Circle on top. Pls note that the lamp holders should be faced towards the floor, on all three circles/layers. If the lamp holders are faced upwards it will not be possible to connect the wiring..

Put the Lamp base up-side down with the chain and lamp cup towards the floor and mount the round nut x3 on top of the threaded pipes.

Fasten the first circle with a nut under + the first pipe, fasten the pipe with a nut.

Continue with a nut + pipe between the second and third circle and finnish with a round nut under the last circle.


Unfortunately out of Stock / Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager :(