Murano Chandelier - Mazzega Style - Large - Mixed Prisms.

Contemporary Murano Chandelier in the style of Mazzega. Traditional Italian Mid-Century Style of later production during the 21th Century. The lamp is composed of 41 large, hand blown glass pendant petals infused with clear and colored glass in abstract forms. You can pick and mix the color of the prisms; available color of prisms is white, gold, amber and pink. Glass prisms on the picture are amber and white. Size of the petals 29x8 cm (11.4" x 3.2"). 

5 Light sources (E14) and dimmer works perfectly.

Great condition with only small signs of wear.

Total height with adjustable chain: 120 cm / 55.1"
Total height for the glass part of the chandelier: 60 cm /29.5"
Diameter where widest: 58 cm / 26.4"

The weight of the chandelier is 23 kg.

2 590 EUR