Orrefors 'TRITON' Crystal Light Pendant by Carl Fagerlund

The Orrefors 'TRITON' Crystal Light, a cross-hatched, beautifully textured crystal pendant was produced by LYFA in collaboration with Swedish glass-works Orrefors in the 1960s. Design by Carl Fagerlund.

The Chandelier is comprised of a thick double corrugated crystal glass bowl with a thin lacquered plate on top and a brass stem with brass canopy. The brass stem acts as the center, as it holds six bulb sockets, while also piercing and securing both the crystal glass bowl and the thin plate. To ensure a warmth in the ambiance, the thin plate is brass lacquered on the side facing the bulbs, while the side facing the ceiling is lacquered white.

When lit, the thick double corrugated crystal shade scatters the light in every direction, while the brass lacquered plate gives warmth and softness in the ambiance. It also ensures that most of the light is guided sideways and downwards.

Great Vintage Condition.

Original wiring, works perfectly.
Number of bulbs: Six

Height: 39 cm / 15.4"
Diameter: 38 cm / 15"

The glassware of Orrefors was founded in 1898 and was one of the leading companies in the Scandinavian Modernism movement.

Orrefors began making art glass (works that, distinct from mass-production pieces, are made in small numbers to showcase the skills and talents of artists and artisans) in 1913. Two of the first artists hired by the firm were Simon Gate and Edward Hald, who worked initially in the organic Art Nouveau style and later also in Art Deco style.

Orrefors won an international following when it presented pieces in Paris in 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

Carl Fagerlund who made the design of this chandelier, is famous and celebrated for his many amazing crystal lights.

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